Polish high School

Cyprian Norwid Polish High School

There are realities that suffice unto themselves, with no before, no after.

And yet, they permeate the land that has welcomed them.

They leave a mark on the very essence of those who live through them and sometimes even beyond, on their descendants.

The Cyprian Norwid Polish High School is one such reality, engraved forever in the history of Villard-de-Lans.

EXHIBITION : Heart of Freedoms — 17 FEV > 8 MAR 2024

The amazing story of a polish school in nazi-occupied france and its role in the fight for freedom – 1940/1946


Heart of Freedoms is a unique exhibition that tells the amazing story of how during the Second World War, in occupied France, a Polish secondary school was set up and became a bastion of freedom, not just teaching Polish students, but also helping in the fight against the Nazis.

This fascinating story is set in Villard-de-Lans, a small village in the French Alps, not far from Grenoble. While Hitler and Stalin were destroying Poland, the Polish Government in Exile in London set up a very special school near the Swiss border.

The Cyprian Norwid Polish School was set up for Polish soldiers and others who had managed to escape from Poland, as well as for children of Polish origin already living in France. It was a bastion of cultural, military and moral resistance to the Nazis and their allies and, amazingly, it was run with few restrictions in the area of France occupied by the Italians. But when the Germans started to notice what was going on, things started to get much harder.

During the Second World War, the school had two principal goals: to continue the fight against the enemy and to educate the future leaders of a free Poland. This exhibition, which has been specially brought over from France, tells the story of the school from its origins to its final days. It spotlights the students and teachers, many of whom have descendants living in the UK today. It tells the story of what was taught, the joys and struggles of everyday life in occupied France and how students were part of the French resistance, helping to fight for the liberation of France and Europe.

Discover a fascinating and unknown story of bravery, courage and freedom.

Doc :Polish Cyprian Norwid high School — CRADLE OF FREEDOM.

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